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About sports, training, health, nutrition, how to achieve goals….

Varied sports weekends and inspirational events to get fitter and fitter

The life of our coaches is dedicated to training, coaching and giving advice, from dusk till dawn. We share our professional tips & tricks to live healthy, fit and dynamically with lots of fun. Come experience a refreshing sports weekend with your employees or get your friends excited to work out together via a social event.

Invest in a healthy lifestyle and join one of our next sessions soon:

  • Nutrition workshop: what is a varied lunch? How do you make a healthy smoothie? First, listen, then taste.
  • From blisters to heart failure: how to prepare yourself for a race. What kind of nutrition gives you the energy you need? What kind of training schedule do you stick to the last few days before the race?
  • Core stability, the basics & tips: what is core stability and how does it improve your form? How do you strengthen your posture muscles and what’s the best way to use them?
  • Sports injury prevention from A to Z: everything you need to know to recognize the first signs of injuries and how to cure or prevent physical discomfort.
  • Power walk: a refreshing afternoon walk with accessible and relaxing power training.
  • Yoga for beginners: how do you find peace with yoga? What advantages does it have at work? Fun for amateurs AND fanatics.

Check our website, Facebook page, and Instagram account regularly and be the first to claim your spot during these surprising activities.

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