Small Group Training

Share a personal coach and work out in a group

If you choose this kind of training, you’ll work out with a personal coach in a small group. Working out with your best friends? Improving your physical condition with your neighbors? When you go for small group training, you have fun with your group and pay less. Win-win!

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  • Get together with friends, neighbors, family members, … Fitter&Fitter is more than happy to drop by to explain our Small Group Training and how it can be applied to your group. It’s like a fun Tupperware party … but without the plastic pots.
  • Training your abs, doing squats or participating in a race together? Take your pick from the wide range of options, find the training you prefer.
  • Based on your individual skill levels and shared fitness goals, we determine what your ideal outdoor training looks like.
  • We’ll compare your calendar with Fitter&Fitter’s. Match? All training appointments will be scheduled right away.
  • Start your fit journey and enjoy the ride!

Small group training offers you all the benefits of a personal trainer and more!

This workout is:

  • Cheaper: you enjoy our professional sports coaching but split the bill with your friends.
  • More fun: you’re breaking a sweat but you’re not alone.
  • More efficient: you can motivate, challenge and support each other.

Do you think personal training is too expensive? Or do you just like to work out in a group? Small group training is the perfect solution. By keeping the groups small, you have the feeling you’re working out with a personal coach, who gives specific feedback and can customize the exercises for each individual.

The social aspect makes training more fun but also makes you more motivated. You can’t cancel: you made plans with your friends. What’s more, you don’t want to fall behind on your friends so let’s just say there’s some friendly competition going on, which is great for your motivation. Move together, sweat together, have fun together: that’s small group training!

“Small group training is our ideal training. We get together every week with some friends from the neighborhood at one of our homes. We train in my backyard, in my sister’s or in a friend’s backyard. We bring our kids so they can play together. That way, our kids are looked after and we have our own personal trainer. The coach gladly endures the women’s chatter.”

Costs of Small Group Training

Small Group Training – at home, in the forest or in the park – is an affordable way of enjoying your professional sports coaching. During the info session, Fitter&Fitter gives you an estimate. Afterward, you’ll receive a customized bid. Always cheaper than personal coaching. The costs depend on travel expenses, weekend surcharge (when applicable) and special requests of your group (if any). The costs of Small Group Training vary between 60 and 80€ per hour.

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