Improve your endurance and running form, strengthen your core and have fun

Become a better runner with Fitter&Fitter's running training

All runners, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced runner, require a good form, strength and well-balanced training to prevent injuries. Runners who’ve just started jogging often suffer from injuries because they overdo it. However, skilled runners can also make the same mistake. With Fitter&Fitter’s jogging sessions you reduce the risk of sports injuries, improve your form and become faster. Fitter&Fitter’s jogging sessions are exceptional. Just check them out and experience why! You’ll run as you’ve never run before.

  • Group training
  • Running analysis
  • Individual programs as preparation for a running event
  • Performance tests (collaboration with Karel Pardaens)
  • Cursus/info session on running technique (beginner and advanced)
  • Premium package running technique: a series of 7 private lessons on running technique. Included: running analysis, theoretical session, individual advice, extensive research.

Fitter&Fitter organizes weekly jogging sessions in Leuven (Monday evening) and Brussels (Tuesday evening). You can also get your running analysis done. It’s also an option to improve your form with a couple of running friends. We’ve got a package of 7 sessions to achieve this goal in small groups. We’re happy to make a bid for customized sessions for companies and sports clubs. Read more about our jogging sessions down below.

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Premium package running technique

7 sessions for you and your friends

During 7 sessions, we teach you everything there’s to know about how to improve your running form. Do you want to become faster but don’t know how? Are you struggling with ever-recurring shin splints? Or ITBS? Achillotenositis? You name it. Kinesiologists or podiatrists often give you exercises that don’t help, due to your movement pattern or, when you’re a runner, your running pattern.

Not only do these sessions improve your form, they’re also educational. We give insight into why a bad form can cause certain injuries so you know what you should pay attention to.

We start with a running analysis. We observe and discuss your form during the theoretical session. Afterwards, we identify what kind of power training you need and see how you can easily improve your form and coordination. The results after 7 sessions are astounding each time. You can start this series on your own or with a small group of running friends.

Price for 7 sessions: 525€ (75€/session), traveling expenses are not included.

These sessions are also available for running clubs and companies (on demand)

If you’re interested in the premium package running technique, feel free to contact us.

Group trainings Leuven - Brussel

During the weekly group trainings, we balance form exercises, power training and kilometres. What to expect?

  • Great attention to your form and injuries (and how to prevent them)
  • Improving your running technique and coordination abilities
  • Specific power training for runners
  • Clear and practical feedback you can use on your own.

Why running with Fitter&Fitter?

Bart Delobel, founder of Fitter&Fitter, has 25 years of national and international running experience during which he studied running techniques for 15 years. He shares his knowledge on the ideal running technique and sports injury prevention in running magazines and refresher courses for running coaches and kinesiologists. All Fitter&Fitter coaches are familiar with his vision and knowledge.

Bart Delobel: “Why do we run? For fun? Because our neighbour or colleague does it? Running is trendier than ever. But what you don’t see on social media, are the consequences. Injuries duo to lacking preparation are very common. However, the purpose of running is not to get hurt. On the contrary, its purpose is to run your whole life without injuries. How do you do that? Where do your arms go? Do you land on your heel or not? People who run with Fitter&Fitter know that landing on your heel is not ideal. How do you use your abs and glutes in a good running form? How is your ground contact causing knee injuries or shin splints?”

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