Personal training

Personal sports coaching, wherever and whenever you want

Train wherever and whenever you like with a personal coach. At home, at work or at the park and when it fits your schedule. Your personal trainer provides you with the ideal training and support so you can achieve your -small or big- fitness challenge. Whether it’s losing weight or running a marathon, we listen to your goal and struggles. Then we come up with a plan that’s tailored to your personality, wishes and lifestyle.

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From enhancing core stability to finetuning running technique

With personal coaching, you train at your own level and we work together to achieve your goals. We always work as efficiently as possible, keeping your daily life and your sport in mind. We work on your shortcomings as well as your assets. We tackle your weaknesses and boost your strengths. Core stability is important for everyone, young and old, athletic or less active, and is, therefore, a key element of personal coaching.

Core stability is:

  • Strengthening your full body, one link at a time as well as the whole chain
  • Training posture muscles in order to avoid neck, back and knee pain
  • Strengthening your body for daily tasks and movements
  • Enhancing your endurance 
  • Improving your coordination

During personal coaching, we pay a lot of attention to coordination, just like during our other training sessions. Not only is coordination useful when you’re working out, but it also comes in handy in daily life. For instance, it keeps you from tripping and falling over.

Personal coaching from A to Z

Your personal coach makes clever use of the environment. You don’t need to provide equipment yourself. Fitter&Fitter brings professional sports equipment such as elastics, Swiss balls, medicine balls, Bosu Ball and small, loose weights. Even your own body weight will be strategically integrated into your workout. We never train muscles partially nor in isolation. The exercises allow you to move freely in all directions. In short, it’s a total body workout

Costs of personal training

A standard personal coaching session in the region Brussels – Leuven – Diest – Tienen – Aarschot costs 60€/session (including. VAT, excluding travel expenses when training at home). Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized program for your fitness challenge!

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