Intense, all-round and creative bootcamps

Fitter&Fitter organizes outdoor bootcamps in multiple Flemish Brabant towns. Challenging and creative sports activities in the fresh open air. Discover this refreshing sports method during a free try-out. Afterward, you decide if you want to join us. You can go for a multi-pass or a membership. Whichever you choose, you’re always welcome to join us, whether we’re training outside in Brussels, Leuven, Tienen, Diest or Aarschot.


In cooperation with the town’s sports department, we guide you in your transformation from rookie into fully fledged bootcamper. Click here for more info.


Our bootcamp sessions are playful full-body training suited for all ages. Our sports coaches keep your personal rhythm in mind, pay special attention to sports injury prevention and are happy to share their tips and tricks. The varied bootcamp exercises combine elements of Crossfit, Pilates, and BBB, among other workouts. Because of the fresh air and team spirit, you barely notice you’re working out. Each bootcamp is led by enthusiastic and professional coaches. Discover this program during a free try-out, fun guaranteed!

Back to nature, back to the roots

You’ve seen it on Instagram or on television, but where does the term ‘bootcamp’ actually come from? A bootcamp is a term that originated in the army and means nothing more than an all-round endurance training that makes use of the equipment that is available. But when there’s no equipment at hand, you can always use your own body weight. Fitter&Fitter’s head coach Bart used to be a physical coach in the army and this experience served as his inspiration. If you’re looking for a fun, effective and authentic bootcamp, Fitter&Fitter is the place to be!

During the bootcamp session, we go back to nature. Your entire fitness level is put to the test. We combine power training and endurance training with agility and speed. With a fast sequence of bootcamp exercises, your coach makes sure that each training is complete AND achievable for all participants. The fun, adrenaline and team spirit provide you with new energy when your battery is running low. We use what nature gives us: inclines, branches, our own or our partner’s body weight. Furthermore, we also make use of small equipment for extra fun. Curious? Sign up for your first, free bootcamp workout and let us surprise you!

The 6 ingredients needed for your six-pack

  • The great outdoors
  • Individual exercises, duo workouts, and exercises in group
  • Strength, agility, speed, endurance, and breathing
  • Exciting races, games and lots of fun
  • Mental relaxation meets perseverance
  • The perfect – physical – teambuilding

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