Personal training

For professional guidance where and when you want

With a Personal Trainer@Fitter&Fitter, you can train when you want and where you want. At home, work or in the park according to your schedule. Your coach gives you the perfect training to accomplish your goal(s)

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Functional – Customized – Core training - Flexibility

With Personal Training, you train 100% customized. Together, we work towards your goal(s). We always work in a functional way, to improve your daily life or your sport. We work on your weaknesses but also on your strenghts. Core Training is a very important matter for everyone, therefore, we focus on that in every training session.
Core Training is:

  • Strengthen our body, every chain
  • Train the postural muscles to avoid e.g. back issues
  • Strengthen our body for daily tasks and movements
  • Improve our cardio game
  • Improve our coördination


75€/hour (Incl. VAT)

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