Life is better when you're fit

Do you want to get fitter or lose weight? Do you want to shape up in general? Do you want to learn how to jog properly? Do you want to exercise at work? Fitter&Fitter is the place to be! Life is better when you’re fit. We’d like to help you get (even) fitter than you already are because we believe that doing so will make your life (even) better.

Fitter&Fitter has been up and running in the region of Flemish Brabant since 2012, organizing individual coaching and group training as well as training sessions at work. From challenging outdoor bootcamps in your neighborhood to surprisingly diverse programs tailored to companies and technically based jogging sessions. Our coaches are bursting with energy and want nothing more than to share these positive vibes with you under their professional supervision.

Whether you’d like to start with a personal coaching program at home or you’d be down for one of our weekly bootcamps: Fitter&Fitter is ready for you in the whole region of Flemish Brabant, from Brussels to Diest, from Leuven to Tienen, in more than 15 different towns. Because of our special attention to sports injury prevention and functional training, we take into account every participant of every skill level. We set the bar just right for you. Variation is key! Our experienced coaches Bart, Glen, Leen & co always come up with new exercises and use creative equipment to keep your training sessions accessible and fresh.

Apart from organizing group sessions and personal coaching, we also love sharing our passion and expertise with you during practical and fun workshops. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us for a training session or another activity designed just for you.

We wish you lots of workout fun and hope to see you soon during one of our training!

Join the fit life!

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Exercising at work is a win-win for both the employer and its team. Discover the advantages and contact us for a session in your workspace.



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